Arovax Shield




Real time protection against spyware


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Every time you connect to the Internet, you're opening your PC up to all kinds of online threats like spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, etc.

This program is more than just simple antivirus, since its best function is that it acts as a barrier against all of the damaging applications that want to take over your computer. Arovax Shield acts by warning you about any change that occurs on your system that might be due to spyware trying to install itself on your machine.

To do so, Arovax Shield runs a scan and keeps an eye on all of the vulnerable zones of your system that might get infected, paying special attention to elements like the host file, the start page of your default web browser, cookies, entries in the Windows Registry, etc.

With this help, you'll have your computer protected against any threatening elements since the program runs in the background and makes sure that your Internet connection is secure and respects your privacy. And in addition to all that, Arovax Shield is completely free.
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